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subjects of justice, subjects of inclusion. david Owen Conference

Humanitas Visiting Professorship Symposium on Women’s Rights
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Normative orders Video Conferences

Charles Taylor, Robert Brandom, Thomas M. Scanlon, Christine Korsgaard, Robert Pippin, Amartya Sen, Nancy Frazer and others, all of them in one place.

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Seyla Benhabib in the Strauss public lecture, November 28

Democratic Sovereignty and International Law: The contemporary debate
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Open-source philosophy

Is it possible to think a project by which people from different parts of the globe collaborate in thinking process? What does a thinking process actually mean? I don´t mean here a sort of defense about “open-source movement”. Neither the philosophy about them. Just imagine a platform, such as blog, a website, or whatever online system, where people share their research project (a thesis, dissertation, papers)  and receive advice, encouragements, or critics. Democratization of not just the ways of thinking content but rather an openness of the thinking process is that I mean. For example,  M. will be the keynote of a prestigious symposium in A the next year. She is so nervous because actually it´s her first appointment as keynote lecturer in her life. Obviously she is certain that she deserves that recognition and she is so proud of herself that her colleagues finally reckon her efforts and her contributions to the X discipline.  Often in cases like these anybody may estimate that her conference subject is only a matter of her expertise and nobody better as she is able to achieve it. Actually it does. But that isn´t the issue. Wouldn’t´t be a better world the one where M. shares his composition steps with interested people from whom get relevant advices and critics? Note that I know that currently exists a website project such as Philospace that apparently meets this function. I´m thinking in something more simple: social networks that work as sharing knowledge. Humbly, this blog is my first try to build that.

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